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Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home

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Sit back and unwind this summer on your own patio furniture out of Outdoor Pillows Furniture. If you entertain a lot of guests or just prefer to live and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style, then you will love the Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home broad assortment of options we take. From comfortable outdoor dialog sets to cozy patio sets perfect for sharing a meal, then you will discover all the Outdoor Pillows furniture that you want to enjoy your time at the sunshine. We carry hundreds of finely crafted pieces of contemporary and traditional furniture for your home in materials such as metal, wood, wicker, and rattan.

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Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home

☀ Check Price Outdoor Pillows ☀ Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home At Your Doorstep Faster Than Ever. Fast & Free Shipping On Orders Over $49. #quinton-art-throw-pillow-by-bay-isle-home #Outdoor-Pillows , Shop Outdoor Decor with Offer Free Shipping and Free In Home Delivery Nationwide. Shop Online.

  • Fill Material: Polyester/Polyfill
  • Insert Included: Yes
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Product Care: Machine Washable

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18 review for Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home

Beware Canadians, the online pricing that seems too good to be true just may be! They show CAD amounts but charge your card in USD. Very deceiving. Customer service was not helpful, they made me feel like I did something wrong and did not acknowledge that there even was an error. My concern is this will continue to... happen and be misleading to those trying to make a purchasing decision.read more
Did you find this helpful?  41  of  1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA on 2020-05-03T11:19:20+00:00
I recently purchased a sectional online from Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows for a posted price. They charged my credit card, sent me an email stating that my purchase had been processed, and notified me that I would be receiving shipment of the item within a set date range. I made this purchase on the 24th of September, and the price was... set at $234.99 . I then received an email stating that my purchase had been cancelled on the 29th, with no explanation. My money was refunded to my card, but there was no explanation of what had happened. I emailed customer service for more information on what had happened, and they stated that they had accidentally posted the incorrect price. The new price was $1199.99, a difference of $965.00! I had been looking at that particular couch for several weeks, and the price had always been $234.99. I had even asked for a "back in stock" notification placed on the item, and the pricing had stayed the same throughout that time. When I was notified that it was back in stock, it was still at the price that I agreed to when I submitted my purchase, $234.99. After I expressed my displeasure they then offered me 15% off, which comes nowhere near covering the cost difference between what they are currently offering the product for and what I had agreed to pay for the item. I actually think that 15% is what they offer new email sign ups on their site, so it was a bit insulting on top of the actual problem. I think that the company acted in bad faith when they offered the item for a set price, then changed it after the fact. If the situation were reversed then I would have been held to my end of this contract, and I feel that the company should have to be held to the same standard. I WOULD NEVER buy from this company. You may be duped into falling in love with something only to have them yank it out from under you or demand more money if you actually want the product!read more
Did you find this helpful?  41  of  20 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA on 2020-08-24T04:48:41+00:00
I've purchased a few items from Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows and I've been pleased so far with the items that I've found and purchased! Beautiful items, great selection and great prices. The best thing is that the quality matches the price points! The descriptions of the items are very accurate as well.
Did you find this helpful?  32  of  28 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA on 2019-09-05T06:15:20+00:00
Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows appears to engage in discriminatory delivery practices. Stay with me; this is important. I live in San Diego. I ordered a bedframe as a gift for my niece, who was beginning a year for Teach for America in Princeville, NC, the oldest US town incorporated by African Americans. Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows cancelled the order because they were "unable to verify the authenticity... of the charge." I called my bank, which assured me they had authorized the charge. Which would seem to make the charge "authentic." Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows 's cancellation order gave no phone number, saying only, "If there is anything we can do to further assist you, please reply to this email." So I replied requesting an immediate phone call. Three days later, I received another email saying I would have to place a new order and they would only deliver to my credit card billing address. In San Diego. Despite the fact that I had been very clear the bedframe was a gift for my niece as she began her new job. In North Carolina. Over the course of 4 days (and 4 pages of emails, despite my repeated requests for a phone call) I finally worked my way up to the "supervisor" level. I had made it clear that their refusal to deliver to this particular address was suspicious. In 35 years of managing household moves, I've had no trouble getting furniture delivered to a new address in anticipation of a move. I listed the various companies (Pottery Barn, Cargo, Williams Sonoma, etc.) that have been happy to deliver. In response, the "supervisor" sent me a blank email. Seriously. Now the kicker. I wrote back one last time to say that I was now going to post my experience online and that, by the way, while they had been declining to deliver to the lowly Princeville, NC address, I had just finished a whole-house renovation in San Diego and that I would not be furnishing any of those rooms from Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows . Get this, within 15 minutes, I had a phone call from the "supervisor" wanting to know if there was any way I would reconsider using Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows to furnish our home. Please note that even still he wasn't offering to make good on the original order. I said it seemed to me that Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows had simply refused my first order because of the delivery address, to which he replied, "Well, I wouldn't say that." Of course he wouldn't. If it were possible to give no stars, that's what this review would show. None. This company should be shunned.read more
Did you find this helpful?  46  of  53 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA on 2018-11-05T12:40:02+00:00
Placed order. Clear shipping address, with confirmation email. Subsequent email has totally different, incorrect address. Have to call to fix their mistake, explained clearly, written off without an apology.. finally resolved. Move on. Delivers to the wrong address anyway!!! Have to talk at length to them again to get it sent to me. Dont process the discount code I gave... them. Don't even bother sending it priority after all of their mistakes. The bed arrived chipped... sure, I could have gone to great length and personal expense to resolve the chip. But is it even worth it at that point? No compensation offer beyond "take the bed apart and send it back in again." Of course you know that no one will do that. Completely ridiculous!!! Oh and something along the lines of "sorry we can't fix our mistakes via express mail." So I've still yet to receive something that was supposed to arrive almost a week ago. Never mind the large number of orders I'd placed and all of the money I'd spent. When I told them I was unsatisfied with the service? Oh, you bet. "Sorry you feel that way." I'd rather shop somewhere that doesn't take their customers for granted and behave so flippantly forwards their repeated inadequacies and failures.read more
Did you find this helpful?  31  of  9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA on 2020-06-24T04:12:26+00:00
I placed an order from Quinton Art Throw Pillow by Bay Isle Home with Outdoor Pillows and paid an extra shipping charge to have it next day air. I have not received that package and it's evident that they lied. Collecting money for a service that is promised and not providing that service is fraud. This was my first transaction with this company and it will damned sure be my... last. I will spread the word through friends and social media that this company will lie and steal from them. Had I read the reviews on this company I would have never purchased anything at all from them. The only reason I even gave 1 star is because there are no negative stars. If I had to rate this company I would give them a negative 10.read more
Did you find this helpful?  37  of  48 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA on 2019-06-06T21:10:13+00:00